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arrow_back Laravel Tags - Add tags and taggable behavior to Laravel App

Laravel-tags is a powerful tagging package that offers taggable behavior for your models. After the package is installed the only thing you have to do is add the HasTags trait to an Eloquent model to make it taggable. Laravel Tags comes with batteries included. Out of the box, it has support for translating tags, multiple tag types, and sorting capabilities.


  • This package requires:
  • Laravel 8 or higher
  • PHP 8 or higher
  • A database, that supports JSON fields such as MySQL 5.7.8 or higher.


You can install this package via composer:

composer require spatie/laravel-tags

You’ve to run this command for publishing the migration:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\Tags\TagsServiceProvider" --tag="tags-migrations"

After the publication of migration, you can create the tags and taggable tables by running the migrations:

php artisan migrate

You can optionally publish the config file with:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Spatie\Tags\TagsServiceProvider" --tag="tags-config"


Here is the usage example of this package.

// create a model with some tags
$newsItem = NewsItem::create([
   'name' => 'The Article Title',
   'tags' => ['first tag', 'second tag'], //tags will be created if they don't exist

// attaching tags
$newsItem->attachTag('third tag');
$newsItem->attachTag('third tag','some_type');
$newsItem->attachTags(['fourth tag', 'fifth tag']);

// detaching tags
$newsItem->detachTags('third tag');
$newsItem->detachTags('third tag','some_type');
$newsItem->detachTags(['fourth tag', 'fifth tag']);
$newsItem->detachTags(['fourth tag', 'fifth tag'],'some_type');

// syncing tags
$newsItem->syncTags(['first tag', 'second tag']); // all other tags on this model will be detached

// syncing tags with a type
$newsItem->syncTagsWithType(['category 1', 'category 2'], 'categories'); 
$newsItem->syncTagsWithType(['topic 1', 'topic 2'], 'topics'); 

// retrieving tags with a type

// retrieving models that have any of the given tags
NewsItem::withAnyTags(['first tag', 'second tag'])->get();

// retrieve models that have all of the given tags
NewsItem::withAllTags(['first tag', 'second tag'])->get();

// translating a tag
$tag = Tag::findOrCreate('my tag');
$tag->setTranslation('name', 'fr', 'mon tag');
$tag->setTranslation('name', 'nl', 'mijn tag');

// getting translations
$tag->translate('name'); //returns my name
$tag->translate('name', 'fr'); //returns mon tag (optional locale param)

// convenient translations through taggable models
$newsItem->tagsTranslated();// returns tags with slug_translated and name_translated properties
$newsItem->tagsTranslated('fr');// returns tags with slug_translated and name_translated properties set for specified locale

// using tag types
$tag = Tag::findOrCreate('tag 1', 'my type');

// tags have slugs
$tag = Tag::findOrCreate('yet another tag');
$tag->slug; //returns "yet-another-tag"

// tags are sortable
$tag = Tag::findOrCreate('my tag');
$tag->order_column; //returns 1
$tag2 = Tag::findOrCreate('another tag');
$tag2->order_column; //returns 2

// manipulating the order of tags

If you want to utilize this package, you can view its detailed documentation and usage on its official website.

Published at : 27-08-2021

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

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