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Customer Background

Our client are one of the leading telecommunications and IT service providers in the Australian market today. They have headquartered in Sydney and have offices across Australia. They started the business in 2012 to focus on fixing the quagmire of voice and video communication. They provide quality IT and Telecommunication solutions that worked for businesses, not the other way round.


Project Background

Our Client approached us to create a new remote working Quote builder and Billing System that is simple to use. Where they can fetch phone calls via Sip Trunking and sell the phone calls to the resellers. Which will provide different types of calls with rate plans, so the reseller can select his suitable rate plan. The reseller can further sell these calls to his customers by modifying rate plans. This system also creates invoices on monthly basis, and customers can modify the invoice Logo and color scheme according to their branding.



We were confronted to create a web application that totally transcended the level of Sip Trunking Phone System in general. We were obliged to show how established and unique the company was by distinguishing them from all its competitors. We need a way to generate Pdf of remarkably long invoices. Another challenge is to build a structure where the Admin can send the separate invoices of reseller's clients on monthly basis to the admin.



We introduce a creative solution with user-friendly UI & UX. We created an application where the admin can create different rate plans of calls and sell to other resellers. Resellers can further sell the calls after modifying the rate plans according to their needs. We've to generate very long invoices that take a lot of time. So we crafted a solution, now users can generate large invoices quickly. Admin has to send all the invoices of the reseller's clients to the reseller on monthly basis. It's time taking for the admin to generate separate invoices for all reseller's clients. So we find a solution now the admin can generate a single invoice of the reseller's all clients every month.


Technology Used

We crafted this application using Laravel Framework. We utilized Vue Js for the front end. The data is stored in MySql Database.



This Quote builder & Billing System proves effective for our client's business. Now they are capable of selling the calls to the resellers and generate high profit. The resellers can easily modify the invoice templates according to their need and change the logo & color of the invoice according to their branding. They can generate large invoices quickly.

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