Online Socks Shop

Online Socks Shop


Customer Background

Our client introduced their online sock shop business in 2015 in Los Angles. Now they are one of the preeminent socks providers all over the world. Their purpose is to help people discover amazing sock styles and provide high-quality socks.


Project Background

We were approached to build not only an impeccable brand identity but also work on the company's proposal, formulating a point of differentiation in the market that explains their main intention to the audience. We've to build a structure where we can take orders from different online stores like Shopify, Amazon, etc. Then we've to generate subscriptions of those orders and also scheduled them. We are tasked with creating an allocation system where we can search the product on different grounds and assign it to a particular order. Then we've to allocate the order to the warehouse that is near to the user.



The foremost task in this project is to create an allocation system that can search the products based on different tags, like style, gender, size, etc. We've to find the products and assign them to a specific order. On the other hand, we've to generate subscriptions of the orders and also schedule future orders.



After acknowledging our client’s challenges and intentions, we built a framework where we take orders from distinctive online stores like Shopify, Amazon, etc, and classify the socks on different bases like gender, size, styles, etc. So we can search the socks based on these tags and check whether this item is already sent to the customer or the user has added it to the "Do not send" list. On this behalf, we assign these socks to a particular order. We also formulate a structure where we can create subscriptions of these orders and also scheduled them.


Technology Used

We assembled this web application in Laravel Framework. We apply VueJs for the frontend.



This web application proves truly effective for our client's brand new venture. Now they can easily manage their client's subscriptions and order. It's quite easier now to find the product and assign it to a particular order. They can quickly allocate the product to the warehouse near the user. Now it's a matter of few clicks to control and operate the whole system of the online sock store.

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