Deduction Management System

Deduction Management System


Customer Background

Our client produces organic and raw nut butter and sells it to different distributors and retailers in the US. They started business in 2002 and now their product sells in all the natural foods stores across the country as well as other familiar regional supermarket chains.


Project Background

They receive multiple sales and deduction invoices through different channels. They have to process each invoice to find legitimate deductions and claim for wrong deductions. Analyze promotions based on their sales and deduction value. Find the customer who is only exploiting their promotions and not bringing actual sales. So they can invest more in that area where they can increase sales. Working on this type of analysis is a real pain if the data is not centralized and it takes a lot of analysis and manual work to do some final decision.



The main challenge in this project is to standardize the data that we obtain in different forms from different channels. That data may be in excel, CSV, pdf, image format. We need a way to categories this information and generate different reports based on this data. Another challenge is to create a mechanism where we classify claims based on some criteria and then follow up on those claims until they are paid back.



We wanted to do something special for this project, So we develop a templating engine where the admin can create different invoice templates. Every invoice number has a unique pattern that identifies to which category this invoice relates. So based on that pattern we created an import procedure using which we will import all invoices into our system. Once that data is standardized, now we can easily generate a complex report that shows how different promotions perform and what decisions we can make to run effective promotions in the future. Now in sales meetings, our users can do well-informed decisions based on the reports that we generate. Drill down data to see where they are losing money and how they can effectively stop it.


Technology Used

We develop backend application in Laravel Framework and for the frontend we use VueJs. Data is stored in the MySQL database.



This Deduction Management System exerts a high impact on our client's business and promotions. Now they don’t need days to develop a report for their weekly sales meeting. They can do it in the meeting with a few clicks. Their claim management process is improved and now they will never miss any false claim. They can run effective promotions and generate more sales.

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