Cleaners Management System

Cleaners Management System


Customer Background

Our client is one of the renowned Cleaning Management companies based in Philadelphia, United States. They render high-quality services to the center city Philadelphia region. They offer one cleaning specialist per home for routine service. Which provides better cross-check as your regular cleaning specialist procures the specific needs of your home and partialities.


Project Background

We were approached with an incredible and challenging brief. Our client wanted us to construct a lead generation web application that will embrace the fundamentals of their whole business. They required a structure where a user can insert their apartment or house details, then an estimated lead will generate from the user's information. They will contact the user and if the user accepts their proposal, he will be listed as their client. Furthermore, Cleaners can also apply for the job by registering themselves.



The main challenge is to organize a system where users can easily apply for cleaning services. We've to provide a user-friendly structure with an estimating tool that is used to take user home or apartment detail and provide them an estimated cost for their selected cleaning frequency. We will generate a lead from this information and later when user approves it, system convert this lead to client. Another main task in this application is to manage cleaners and their schedules.



After taking the time to concede the client’s challenges and intentions, our team of specialists took steps to make this web application user-friendly and convenient. We crafted a system where users can register for cleaning services for home or office, and we create a lead based on their information. The users can be listed as clients if they accept the proposal. We also create a structure where cleaners can apply for the job and can be hired after shortlisting. The cleaner's job schedule is also managed in this application.


Technology Used

We developed this web application in Laravel Framework and for the frontend we use VueJs. Data is managed in the MySQL database.



This web application proves genuinely valuable for our clients. Now they can easily manage cleaners and their job schedules with few clicks. This application made it easier to generate leads by capturing and evaluating customer details. Furthermore, the cleaners can easily register online and be hired.

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