Around Airports

Around Airports


Customer Background1

Our client is from an independent innovational company that renders creative solutions all over the United States.


Project Background

Our client approached us with an innovative idea. They hired us to develop a web application that provides the appropriate information of places near the airports to the users. So the users can enter the location and can view the places, with proper rating, reviews, and other places details. They also wanted us to categories the places so that users can easily access them.



The main ultimatum in this project is to retrieve the data of nearby places from different resources. We've to showcase all the places with reviews, ratings, and other details to the users. Another challenge is to create a structure where we can categorize all places and show them to the user in a harmonized manner.



We develop user-friendly creative solution that provides users the comprehensive details about the relevant places. We fetch complete and factual information of the places from different resources. We crafted fast-loading web application so users can quickly reach the information about their place. We also assorted the places so that users can effortlessly access them.


Technology Used

We constructed this backend application in Laravel Framework and for the frontend we employ VueJs. Data is saved in the MySQL database.



We always encountered many obstacles when we visit new places via airplane. We don't know about the nearest taxi service, bus stations, restaurants, bars, etc. This web application solved this problem by displaying all the places near the airport in an organized manner. Now you can simply go to their website, enter your location, and can observe the whole details about your pertinent place. Here you can see the reviews, ratings, and entire details of that place. So this web application is an innovative solution for this problem.

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