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arrow_back Why You Should Prefer Custom Web App Development Over A CMS

Custom web development refers to a customized website solution for your brand, business objective, product, or services. It enables you to have a unique website. When you choose custom web development, you’ll generally need the assistance of an experienced programmer who can create your desired web application. This can increase your upfront cost, but the benefits achieved from this process will pay massive dividends over the lifetime of your web app.

Top Reasons to Choose Custom Web App Development for your Business

When you choose custom web app development, you’ll experience the following significant benefits.

Easily Scalable

The company needs a website to expand the business. A custom website enables you to add new functionalities, which bears a large inflow of traffic and grows the site along with the business. It is essential especially if the business is looking for growth in the digital platform. While using ready-made software may align with a few businesses ’ needs, you may not get scalable solutions. Those enterprises that are not using custom web applications are sometimes unable to scale their application and face problems such as:

  • Inefficient Caching
  • Incorrect Server Caching
  • Limited memory and CPU resources
  • Poor/Slow Database queries
  • Complicated Database Schema

Enhanced Security

Your web application security is an essential point that is affected by the way your site is developed. You must guarantee that your website remains secure from a breach by hackers, especially if you gather personal data from customers. When you are using a website builder platform, your site is more vulnerable to security breaches. If any website on the platform is breached, it’s possible for every website hosted on the platform to become compromised.

That’s why Custom web development improved the security of your website. Your website will be hosted in a more secure environment than is possible using a website builder platform. Your website will be built using SSL security technology. Furthermore, custom workflows for multiple participants, strict access permissions, and complex authentication methods improve security measures.

Low Maintenance

Ready-made applications come with a problem that depends on a third party to keep them running and updated. But by utilizing custom web applications, you do not need to worry about the team having the latest version as all the updates are automatic to anyone who requires them.
If the problem occurs, then you can be contacted by a team of dedicated developers anytime.

Better SEO Optimization

Ranking high in search engine results is a key metric for online success. With a custom website, your developer can incorporate the most current best practices for SEO, and give your site the best chance for success in search ranking. Custom websites open the door for more complex and more advanced SEO optimization. You can also be able to make future modifications that let your website keep up with ever-changing search algorithms, which will assist your website to rank higher in the future.

Zero Dependencies of Developers

When you utilize off-the-shelf software, your business becomes dependent on the company that has developed it in terms of pricing, terms, and conditions of use. It also has to worry about future needs of adding features. In this way, it costs both extending your budget and time. However, with a custom web application, businesses can utilize it as long as they like it. Certainly, it demands a few maintenance costs, but its benefits will be worth the price on a larger scale.

High Speed

CMS platforms are also much bulkier than custom-coded web apps because they need to have a system for owners to log in and make changes. With a custom website, all of that extra code can be dropped, because your web developer can go and make changes directly in the code. This will result in faster page loading and offer a better experience for the website’s users.

Closing Note

Codebrisk is here to help you grow your business and establish a worthy online presence with our Custom Web Development solutions. Our highly qualified developers have plenty of experience in Laravel Custom Web Application Development. We can improve the performance of applications with easy syntax, third-party API integrations, and built-in functions, followed by a high level of security to prevent unauthorized access to data. Instead of selling off-the-shelf software, We deliver a customized website solution tailored to our client’s needs. So if you’re interested, you can get in touch with us or get a free quote from us.

Published at : 15-06-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

I am a highly results-driven professional with 12+ years of collective experience in the grounds of web application development especially in laravel, native android application development in java, and desktop application development in the dot net framework. Now managing a team of expert developers at Codebrisk.

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