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Progressive Web Applications (PWA) are a solution that manages the increased usage of native apps, specifically by smartphone technologies. Native apps are software programs produced for use on a certain device or operating systems such as Android and iOS.
The term “progressive” directs to the fact that they offer new features and, from the user experience’s point of view, they are initially recognized as regular websites but progressively they act more like mobile apps, among other things multiplatform. Progressive web applications (PWAs) incorporate the properties of native apps with traditional web technology. This has become essential because native apps are limited to the platforms they are made for. They are also limited by the cost of development and maintenance. Hence, native apps are useful, but they don’t meet the various needs of different businesses.

Turn your App into a PWA using Vue.js

Any regular website can be a Progressive web application. A static blog, one-pager, an eCommerce store, or a simple website could be a PWA. Aliexpress, Flipkart, Twitter, Soundslice, Pinterest, Spotify, and Starbucks are the big enterprises offering a PWA experience.

If you want a website into a progressive web application, you can do this effortlessly. PWAs have a few requirements, including:

  • A service worker: A service worker is a core PWA technology in the form of a JavaScript file that your browser runs in the background. It is independent of a web page and is directly accountable for managing network requests and the core PWA features, such as push notifications or background synchronization.

  • A web app manifest: This is a JSON file that corresponds with the browser about the web app and how it should act when installed on the user’s device. The manifest web app file also contains the app description, icons, name, display, and colors. It is responsible for driving the user to “Add to Home Screen.”

  • HTTPS: For the service worker to deliver offline functionality and fast execution, the app should be operating in a secure environment. The HTTPS protocol guarantees the protection of the web app by stopping third parties from overriding your website using a malicious service worker.

Most hosts provide SSL certificates for free these days (many even do so automatically). So that is the easiest part.
Fo other requirements, there’s an amazing boilerplate that goes into constructing all of that stuff, both in terms of the files and the code itself. If you do it manually, it would be a tiresome task.
Luckily, there’s a more comfortable way with Vue, thanks to Vue CLI! Vue CLI offers a convenient PWA plugin, and, even better, it can be added to an existing or new project.

Benefits of using Vue Js for PWAs

Super Performance

When it comes to performance and speed, PWA and Vue JS work hand-in-hand. While PWAs are relentlessly fast. They quickly respond to user interactions and you can smoothly scroll through pages without being interrupted. On the other hand, Vue.JS is a light framework offering exceptional performance with the help of its progressive nature. When using Vue JS development along with PWAs, you can leverage offline access features provided by PWAs.

Improved Security

Security is a powerful feature that every enterprise considers when developing web or mobile apps to upgrade their product or services. Developing a PWA utilizing vue.js or transforming your vue.js into a PWA enforces transport layer security to encrypt all the sensitive information and data. Moreover, PWA bounds device hardware access without users’ consent, which enables the Vue JS development agency to utilize trusted JavaScript libraries for the Vue JS development.

Feels like a Native App

Vue Js is generally recognized to develop single-page applications and user interfaces. However, using Vue.JS for progressive web application development empowers you to construct native-like apps. It is possible to employ JSON files to alter various application elements, including app icons, theme, color, etc. Utilizing these properties, you gain full control over the procedure of developing web or mobile apps to compete with native apps.

Small Size

One shared feature between PWAs and Vue JS is that both are smaller in size. It is hardly in KBs. It assists businesses to leverage faster installation than any other frameworks or libraries. Such tiny size and quicker installation have captured many companies worldwide and left many widespread frameworks behind.

Lower Development Cost

Another amazing advantage of employing PWA and Vue JS is that you can reduce a lot of development costs. With PWA development, you can utilize the same stack for both mobile and web. Also, it is helpful to reuse the same piece of code as much as possible. So, in the end, it allows businesses to lower the overall development cost for the web or mobile app.

Improved SEO

We all know that Vue JS is not so SEO-friendly. With page load speeds, troubles in updating Meta, sitemap, and canonicals have made Vue JS tiresome to optimize for SEO. However, transforming Vue JS applications into PWAs can aid businesses to optimize their web applications for SEO. Since PWAs are linkable, it is possible to optimize them for search engines quickly. This greatly eliminates the restrictions posed by Vue JS.


The Web development team at Codebrisk contemplates PWA to be the future of web applications for the B2C and B2B sectors. Here are some of the services we offer as a PWA app development company like PWA UI design, PWA web development, PWA integration, etc. If you need to develop a PWA for your enterprise, the Codebrisk team has impressive experience in PWA development and will be glad to assist you with your projects. Please feel free to contact us or get a free estimate of your project here.

Published at : 29-03-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

I am a highly results-driven professional with 12+ years of collective experience in the grounds of web application development especially in laravel, native android application development in java, and desktop application development in the dot net framework. Now managing a team of expert developers at Codebrisk.

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