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arrow_back Implement HMAC-Bcrypt Password Hashing Function in Laravel

Laravel HMAC Bcrypt contains an implementation of the hmac-bcrypt password hashing function for the Laravel Framework. It is based on the reference implementation created by @epixoip (specifically the PHP one).


If you want to use it, you can use composer:

composer require j3j5/hmac-bcrypt-laravel


On your config/hashing.php you can change the driver to hmac-bcrypt. In order to work, you need to set a pepper which should be a unique (per project) secret string. You have two options, either set HMAC_BCRYPT_PEPPER on your .env or as an environment variable, or add to your own hashing.php config file the following array:

'hmac-bcrypt' => [
    'pepper' => 'black-pepper'

The amount of rounds used by bcrypt is also customizable. You can use HMAC_BCRYPT_ROUNDS on your .env (or as an environment variable) or add the key rounds to the hmac-bcrypt key on your hashing config.

'hmac-bcrypt' => [
    'rounds' => 15


Now you can use it like you would use the hasher on Laravel:

$clearTextPass = 'supersecret';

$hash = Hash::make($clearTextPass);

// Now store it on the db

Later on…

if (Hash::check($clearTextPass, $hash)) {
    // eccoli qua! you can log in your user!

    // Check whether your settings have changed since last time
    if (Hash::needsRehash($hash)) {
        $newHash = Hash::make($clearTextPass);
        // Store the new hash on the db

This package uses the native PHP functions for SHA512 hash_hmac() and crypt() for the Bcrypt encryption (with a salt generated by random_bytes()), so this is not a case of building your own crypto libraries but instead, using the already available ones.

For more details, please visit Github.

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Published at : 14-10-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

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