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Nowadays, many companies have started to construct their web applications employing a growing web design approach referred to as Single Page applications. The Internet is loaded with SPA examples. Some of them you use regularly like Netflix, Google Drive, Facebook, Gmail, Google Maps, Trello, Twitter, etc.

A SPA (single-page application), is a web application that is simply composed of just one web page, a single file on the filesystem, such as index.html. A SPA generally downloads the initial application code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) from the server-side, and the subsequent resources are dynamically loaded to the page, usually in response to user actions. Requests for different “pages” (or “views”) are handled through AJAX (JavaScript) and replace parts of the page, potentially saving on bandwidth. This method decreases the time required to switch between pages and different parts of the application by eliminating the need to continually download parts of the single-page app, like the template, which doesn’t often change.

Additionally, through the use of the browser’s History API, the URL in the address bar can be changed with each page. Because of this, the browser history will act just like it does on a traditional website. This permits you to utilize the forward and backward arrows to go back and forth between pages.

What is Vue Js

Vue.js has become one of the greatest frameworks for building single-page applications. It abstracts away much of the complexity normally involved in building web applications. Also, it has been well integrated with many other frameworks, such as the Laravel PHP framework.

Vue js is developed by Evan You in 2013, Vue.js is a progressive, declarative JavaScript framework for building fast single-page applications. It is progressive because it can easily scale from a library to a full-featured framework. Vue proposes an adaptable ecosystem that can scale between a library and a full-featured framework.

Vue js and other Frameworks

React, Angular.js, Ember.js, and Vue.js are some of the most famous front-end web frameworks in use today. All these frameworks share a similar perspective and purpose. Each one offers specific advantages and limitations over the others, but Vue.js is popular for being an ideal middle ground. It offers more tools than React but fewer than Angular. On top of that, the syntax of Vue.js is simpler. On top of that, the syntax of Vue.js is simpler. Vue.js also offers built-in state management and vue-router, the official Vue.js router. However, it does not feature HTTP client functionality or form validation. Vue focuses on building user interfaces and creating reusable components.

Benefits of using Vue Js

So let’s look at the Benefits of the Vuejs framework that makes it a good choice for your business.

Component-based architecture

Like Angular and React, the Vue js framework follows a component-based architecture. This means all the frontend application code can be divided into independent components.
These components, consisting of template, logic, and styles, are bound together to form the web app.


The component-based approach of Vue enables the formation of reusable single file components. Inside a component, template, logic, and styles are inherently coupled. Instead of separating the code into arbitrary layers, Vue assembles components that can be reused and into a function.

Future Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the developers to ensure that the app performs bug-free and is updated after the initial release. Vue.js helps you manage maintenance and updates easily.


Vue js uses a virtual representation of the actual DOM of a webpage, created using Javascript objects. Thus the DOM objects can easily be rendered without modifying and refreshing the whole tree every time.

Code readability

As all the components are stored in separate files (and each component is just a single file), the code is easier to read and understand, which makes it easier to maintain and fix.

High performance

Vue js framework is very lightweight, bundling around 18kb - 20kb. But it doesn’t compromise on performance or productivity. It is one of the fastest frameworks available for building web interfaces. Vue js is lightning-fast to install and you can start working in a matter of minutes. Plus, the high page loading time also positively affects your web pages’ SEO ranking.

Reactive two-way data binding

Another benefit in DOM manipulations is two-way data binding inherited by Vue from Angular. In Vue, the bound data is updated reactively as are DOM objects, which is excellent for any application requiring real-time updates. Vue’s reactivity will make data updating clearer and easier to complete.


Being a custom web development company, Codebrisk has proven experience in developing single-page web applications for companies of any size. At Codebrisk, our expert developers utilize Vue js for building Single Page Applications. So if you need Single Page Application development, We are here for you to assist with this initiative. You can contact us for any suggestion about the development of an interactive, dynamic single-page application for your enterprise.

Published at : 27-04-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

I am a highly results-driven professional with 12+ years of collective experience in the grounds of web application development especially in laravel, native android application development in java, and desktop application development in the dot net framework. Now managing a team of expert developers at Codebrisk.

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