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Minifying is a renowned code minimization or code compression technique. Minification tools are used to minimize the code by removing the unnecessary white space character, newline characters, and comments without influencing the functionality of your web pages.

Developers often minify their code for better performance because minification reduces the file size. Sometimes you want to edit your minified code again. It is quite hard to edit your minified code. To make your minified code better formatted and easily editable, we use code beautifier or Unminifier. In this blog, We have collected the most useful tools to unminify or beautify your code. These tools have many useful features like unminify JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, and JSON code, and reformat and reform your code.


Unminify is a free online tool to unminify (unpack, deobfuscate) JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code, making it readable and appealing. This tool is free and very straightforward. You can simply paste your code and click the UNMINIFY button to format your code.

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JS & CSS Unminifier

JS & CSS Unminifier is an amazing online tool that can make JS & CSS code readable quickly. This is a free tool and easy to use. You can also use this tool for minifying your code.

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Clean CSS

Clean CSS is a very handy tool for beautifying your code. You just have to enter your messy, minified, or clouded CSS Style Sheets into the text box and this tool will beautify your code quickly. You can also load a CSS file or add a URL to the CSS code and this tool will beautify it.

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Unminify JS, CSS, HTML

Unminify2 is a fantastic tool to unminify JS, CSS, and HTML online. This tool is free, quite simple, and easy to use.

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CSS Unpacker

CSS Unpacker is a free online css unminification tool that allows you to unpack your CSS files to make them more readable.

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Unminify Code

The web tool is simple and powerful to unminify js or javascript, css, HTML, and format json XML code online. This is a totally free service to uncompress or unpack your code instantly. Paste any minified codes or unindented codes and you’ll get the beautified or formatted output.

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I hope these tools will help you in your work, For more news and the latest packages, you can visit our blog.

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Published at : 09-09-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
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