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arrow_back Benefits of Building your Web Application with REST API

RESTful APIs are the widely used APIs in the world of web development. RESTful APIs use Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests to create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) data. They are popular because of their clarity, scalability, speed, and ability to handle all data types. The use of REST APIs has grown exponentially over the years and, today, many developers use these APIs for critical projects.

This blog highlights the important elements of RESTful APIs web development as well as its benefits for web application development.


One of the main advantages of REST APIs is that they depend on the HTTP standard, which indicates it is format-agonistic and you can utilize XML, JSON, HTML, etc. This makes REST APIs fast, and lightweight which is crucial for mobile app projects, internet of things devices, and more.


Scalability means how many users can access your application simultaneously without facing system failures. So the REST APIs stand out due to their scalability. REST APIs are lightweight, in response APIs only send raw data in JSON or XML format. Let’s say you have a sales management application and your team extended from 20 to 2000. With REST API, you can fulfill this demand without having to spend on a bigger resources pool.

Flexibility & Portability.

REST API’s are very flexible and portable. The REST protocol separates the data storage and the UI from the server. This means that developers can work on different areas of a project independently and try out multiple developer environments as needed.


Another benefit of REST APIs is that the client and server are independent. With the separation between client and server, the protocol makes it easy for developments across a project to take place independently. In addition, the REST API adapts at all times to the working syntax and platform. This offers the opportunity to use multiple environments while developing.

Low Cost

If you are going with REST APIs then it will bring considerable cost benefits. They offer scalability without having to invest in costly hardware. You can save time due to more satisfactory performance, save cost by sustaining multi-platforms and enable better collaboration between teams.

A Universal Platform

Modern applications are mostly served on a wide range of devices like web browsers, mobile phones, tablets, and desktop clients. Having a mobile app for your application is no more a luxury, it’s a must now. Employees want the information whenever and wherever they need it. So if you want to target the current devices and keep options open for the future, then REST API is the most suitable option because it separates the front-end from the application back-end.

Above we highlighted the common benefits of REST API but the benefits don’t stop there. REST APIs are also efficient, high-performing, consume less bandwidth, and are cost-effective because developers can use them without third-party tools.

Closing Notes

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Published at : 22-07-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

I am a highly results-driven professional with 12+ years of collective experience in the grounds of web application development especially in laravel, native android application development in java, and desktop application development in the dot net framework. Now managing a team of expert developers at Codebrisk.

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