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arrow_back Add Polymorphic Coupon Functionality in Your Laravel App

Laravel Couponables is an amazing package that provides polymorphic coupon functionality for your Laravel application. The package requires PHP ^8.x and Laravel ^8.71 or ^9.0.


You can install this package using composer:

composer require michael-rubel/laravel-couponables

Publish the migrations:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="couponables-migrations"

Publish the config file:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag="couponables-config"


After publishing migrations, apply a trait in the model you want to use as a $redeemer:

use HasCoupons;

Artisan command

You can add coupons to your database using the Artisan command:

php artisan make:coupon YourCouponCode

Optionally, you can pass the next arguments:

'--value'         // The 'value' to perform calculations based on the coupon provided
'--type'          // The 'type' to point out calculation strategy
'--limit'         // Limit how many times the coupon can be applied by the model
'--quantity'      // Limit how many coupons are available overall (this value will decrement)
'--expires_at'    // Set expiration time for the coupon
'--redeemer_type' // Polymorphic model type. Can as well be morph-mapped value, i.e. 'users'
'--redeemer_id'   // Redeemer model ID
'--data'          // JSON column to store any metadata you want for this particular coupon

Adding coupons using model

You can as well add coupons simply using the model:

    'code'  => '...',
    'value' => '...',

Basic operations

Verify the coupon code:


Redeem the coupon:


Redeem the coupon in the context of another model:


Combined redeemCoupon and for behavior (assuming the $course includes HasCoupons trait):

If something’s going wrong, methods verifyCoupon and redeemCoupon will throw an exception:

CouponExpiredException      // Coupon is expired (`expires_at` column).
InvalidCouponException      // Coupon is not found in the database.
NotAllowedToRedeemException // Coupon is assigned to the specific model (`redeemer` morphs).
OverLimitException          // Coupon is over the limit for the specific model (`limit` column).
OverQuantityException       // Coupon is exhausted (`quantity` column).
CouponException             // Generic exception for all cases.

For more details, You can visit its documentation and source code on Github.


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Published at : 23-06-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

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