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Add a Typewriter Effect to any HTML Element with Alpine.Js cover image

arrow_back Add a Typewriter Effect to any HTML Element with Alpine.Js

Alpine Typewriter is an awesome plugin based on Alpine.js that is used to add a typewriter effect to any HTML element.


Via Cdn

Include the following script tag in the of your document, just before Alpine.

<script src="" defer></script>

Via Npm

npm install @marcreichel/alpine-typewriter

Add the x-typewriter directive to your project by importing the package before starting Alpine.

import Alpine from 'alpinejs';
import Typewriter from '@marcreichel/alpine-typewriter';




Simply add the x-typewriter directive to any HTML element and provide the texts which should be cycled through.

<span x-data="{ texts: ['Hello', 'World'] }" x-typewriter="texts"></span>

Adjust the speed

By default, a text stays for 2 seconds before being swapped out. This behavior may be adjusted using a modifier like so:

<span x-data="{ texts: ['Hello', 'World'] }" x-typewriter.5s="texts"></span>


<span x-data="{ texts: ['Hello', 'World'] }" x-typewriter.3000ms="texts"></span>

For more details and source code, please visit Github.

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Published at : 31-08-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

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