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arrow_back A Simple Opinionated Framework Agnostic PHP 8.1 Enum Helper

A simple and opinionated collection of PHP 8.1 enum helpers inspired by archtechx/enums and BenSampo/laravel-enum.
This package is framework agnostic, but if you use Laravel consider using this linked package datomatic/laravel-enum-helper and datomatic/laravel-enum-collections.

Functionalities summary

  1. Invokable cases: get the value of the enum “invoking” it statically
  2. Construct enum by name or value: from(), tryFrom(), fromName(), tryFromName(), fromValue(), tryFromValue() methods
  3. Enums Inspection: isPure(), isBacked(), has(), hasName(), hasValue() methods
  4. Enums Equality: is(), isNot(), in(), notIn() methods
  5. Names: methods to have a list of case names (names(), namesByValue())
  6. Values: methods to have a list of case values (values(), valuesByName())
  7. Unique ID: get an unique identifier from instance or instance from identifier (uniqueId(), fromUniqueId())
  8. Descriptions & Translations: add description to enum with optional translation (description(),descriptions(),descriptionsByName(),descriptionsByValue(),nullableDescriptionsByValue())


For using this package, PHP 8.1+ is required.
You can install this package via composer.

composer require datomatic/enum-helper


You can use the traits you need, but for convenience, you can use only the EnumHelper trait that includes (EnumInvokable, EnumFroms, EnumNames, EnumValues, EnumInspection, EnumEquality).

EnumDescription and EnumUniqueId are separated from EnumHelper because they cover edge cases.

The helper support both pure enum (e.g. PureEnum, PascalCasePureEnum) and BackedEnum (e.g. IntBackedEnum, StringBackedEnum).

In all examples we’ll use the classes described below:

use Datomatic\EnumHelper\EnumHelper;

// Pure enum
enum PureEnum
    use EnumHelper;
    case PENDING;
    case ACCEPTED;
    case DISCARDED;
    case NO_RESPONSE;
enum PascalCasePureEnum
    use EnumHelper;
    case Pending;
    case Accepted;
    case Discarded;
    case NoResponse;

// BackedEnum
enum StringBackedEnum: string
    use EnumHelper;
    case PENDING = 'P';
    case ACCEPTED = 'A';
    case DISCARDED = 'D';
    case NO_RESPONSE = 'N';
enum IntBackedEnum: int
    use EnumHelper;
    case PENDING = 0;
    case ACCEPTED = 1;
    case DISCARDED = 2;
    case NO_RESPONSE = 3;

The package works with cases written in UPPER_CASE, snake_case and PascalCase.

These are the following methods available in this package.

  • Invokable Cases
  • Froms
  • Enums Inspection
  • Enums Equality
  • Names
  • Values
  • Unique ID
  • Descriptions & Translations

You can visit the complete documentation of the above methods on Github.

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Published at : 17-10-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

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