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arrow_back A Look into Single Page Application (SPA) and Vue Js

Nowadays, many organizations have begun to build parts of their web applications utilizing a growing web design referred to as Single Page applications. Single Page Applications (SPA) are an immaculate choice for your business if you plan to build engaging, unique, and seamless experiences for your users. The two most famous apps Google and Facebook have also been constructed using SPAs.

Single-page applications are the most famous way to build websites that load faster without striking the server every time the user interacts with the application. The significant difference between multi-page and single-page applications is that single-page apps download the page a single time once it is executed. As soon as a user interacts with the app, only the mandated component will be modified, not the complete application, which makes a single-page app much swift in terms of interactivity.

How Single Page Application Works?

Generally, When you send a request to visit a web page, the browser sends a request to the server and gets an HTML file in return. But with a Single Page Application, the server only sends an HTML file on the first request; it sends data known as JSON on subsequent requests.
So a Single Page Application will only rewrite the content on the current page rather than the initial page load in response to user actions. And in turn, this will result in no page reloads and no extra waiting time.

Advantages of Single Page Applications

There are many advantages to SPA solutions such as improved application performance, consistency, reduced development time, and infrastructure costs.

Seamless User Experience

SPAs provide an experience like a desktop or mobile app. Users do not have to watch a new page load, because only the content changes and not the page so it results in a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Uses Less Bandwidth

It is no wonder that SPAs consume less bandwidth since they only load web pages once. Moreover, they can also work nicely in areas with a slow internet connection. That’s why, it is suitable for everyone to use, regardless of internet speed.

Quick Loading Time

As you know that slow page load puts a bad impact on your online business and, eventually, sales. But with the SPA approach, your full page loads quicker than traditional web applications, as it only has to load a page at the first request. So it can significantly improve a website’s speed.

Caching capabilities

A Single Page Application can cache any local data effectively. A SPA sends only one request to a server and then caches all the data it receives. Then it can utilize this data and work even offline. So if a user has poor connectivity, local data can be synchronized with the server when the connection permits.

No Extra Queries to Server

Single Page Applications reduce the impact on your servers overall because the server doesn’t need to spend time & energy doing the full drawing. This means you can save money by employing fewer servers for the same amount of traffic.

Vue Js is the Best Match for SPA’s

Vue.js is a progressive and declarative JavaScript framework for building fast single-page applications. One of the most significant benefits of Vue.js is its small size(18-21kb). The user can download it easily and start using it. There are several other benefits of Vue js:

  • Because of its MVVM architecture, Vue.js enables two-way communication by making it very easy to handle HTML blocks. This feature is called two-way data binding and is not common in other frameworks like React.js. Vue.js is also called reactive as it reacts whenever the data is changed.
  • Vue.js is also said to be the best of two worlds – React and Angular. Just like React, it uses Virtual DOM and is component-based which results in quite fast functioning. On the other hand, like Angular, it has directives and two-way data binding features, which make it a reactive framework.
  • Vue.js is neither a library nor a framework. It has the best set of features that are amazing for developing SPAs, and it is straightforward to add more like State Management and Routing.

Closing Notes

Being a custom web development company, Codebrisk has proven experience in developing single-page web applications for companies of any size and for a variety of industries. At Codebrisk, our expert developers utilize Vue js for building Single Page applications. So if you need Single Page Application development, We are here for you to assist with this initiative. Please Feel free to get in touch or launch a project with us.

Published at : 11-03-2022

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

I am a highly results-driven professional with 12+ years of collective experience in the grounds of web application development especially in laravel, native android application development in java, and desktop application development in the dot net framework. Now managing a team of expert developers at Codebrisk.

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