Laravel 7.4 Released cover image

Apr 2 - 4 mins read

Laravel 7.4 Released

The Laravel team released v7.4.0 yesterday with quite a few new features, such as a custom model caster interface, a “when” higher-order collection proxy, and the ability to clear an existing “order” from the query builder: Higher Order...


Some Useful Resources cover image

Oct 18 - 1 min read

Some Useful Resources

Follow Laravel naming conventions Follow PSR standards. Also, follow naming conventions accepted by Laravel community: Go To Laravel Naming Conventions


Git Tips cover image

Oct 18 - 1 min read

Git Tips

Git comes with a ton of commands, and that's probably an understatement. The internet is full of Git tips and it's hard if not impossible to know them all, but sometimes you stumble upon an aha! moment that changes your whole workflow. In this post, we...


What is Laravel web development? cover image

Feb 25 - 4 mins read

What is Laravel web development?

If you are a web developer or you are connected with IT industry you might hear this word Laravel many times, so today in this post I will tell you about what is Laravel web development? It is a structure you can say that provides you the competence to...


Aug 21 - 1 min read

Laravel Redesign

Laravel got a fresh new design. hurrah Check this out here. Laravel Its beautifully crafted by Focus Lab, and if you know more about it then its the same company who designed the first Laracon site....


Feb 25 - 2 mins read

Another Step Forward, Laravel 5.8 Released

Today is a proud moment for laravel geeks, laravel made 5.8 is now available to everyone. Some major changes to the framework are as follow. This update will allow users to store multiline value for...

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