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Bootstrap Laravel 5 Packages with Bootpack

By CodeBrisk 19 Oct 2019
Bootstrap Laravel 5 Packages with Bootpack

Bootpack is a Laravel 5 package bootstraper by Erik Campobadal that helps you create new Laravel 5 packages with the following features:

  • Creates composer.json for a laravel package
  • Create a basic well-structured package directory
  • Adds the local autoloader to the project composer.json
  • Dumps the autoload
  • Adds the package service provider to the laravel project
  • Initiates a git repository

Once installed you can use it with the following command to create a new package:

php artisan bootpack:create LaravelNews/example

The Bootpack command will walk you through setting up your package, including adding a LICENSE, a starter README, translations, and migrations. You can remove and modify the folders that are relevant to your project.

Here’s an example starter project structure once you walk through the guided setup:

Check out the bootpack repository for more information on Bootpack to quickly start developing a new package in your Laravel 5 projects.