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Another Step Forward, Laravel 5.8 Released

Today is a proud moment for laravel geeks, laravel made 5.8 is now available to everyone. Some major changes to the framework are as follow.

PHP dotenv 3.0

This update will allow users to store multiline value for the key in the environment file of laravel project. Before this release, you were not able to add multiline variables like public keys or anything that have space at the end or is multiline. So no more trimming will be done by the library itself. Some other bug fixes and improvements are also added to this release.

Carbon v2

This is another great option added to the framework which is support of Carbon v2. You can now have more control on DateTime Library by Carbon v2 by the ability of CarbonImmutable. Localizations are also improved a lot in Carbon v2. You can read more about it here Carbon Updates Coming to Laravel 5.8

Cache TTL(Time To Live)

Cache Time To Live now takes seconds instead of minutes for the time to live for cache being added. It will give the user more fine control on the cache time to live but for those who will upgrade from an older version on laravel may break their logic if they won't consider this aspect while upgrading to laravel 5.8.

String and Array Helpers

String and Array Helps will be now deprecated and will be available as a separate package who keep wanting to use old fashion helpers. Laravel now give more value to class syntax string and array helpers.

Automatic Policy Resolution

Another cool feature that I love about laravel is that you have to write less code if you follow conventions. Otherwise, you have to register them manually.

Complete Release Notes

Want to know more about new laravel 5.8 release, check this out Laravel Release Notes

Published at : 25-02-2019

Author : Rizwan Aslam
Rizwan Aslam

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